Stir it up!


Every one of us has been given the ingredients for a good cake, if you will. By themselves, they remain useless ingredients. When mixed together and stirred, it makes something delicious.

Many people try to tell me that they don’t have any gifts of special abilities. That’s a lie! When you stir that up within you, it starts a fire. Whether you are a musician, nurse, fireman, preacher, or fill in the blank, you can’t imagine doing anything else if it’s a calling. I know some preachers will tell you that people are only called to preach and that nothing else is a calling. The truth is that God has uniquely designed you for a specific task and wants you to operate in that. In other words, stir up that gift as Paul told Timothy to do in the Bible.

Many of you who are reading this are not stirring that gift up because someone told you that you can’t. Let God have the final say! If He doesn’t want you to, He will close the doors. 


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