Obeying the Holy Spirit

I have lived life where I worked out my own plans and left God out of the equation, while at other times I followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Tonight, I obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Our church does not have a Sunday night service (conservatives gasp in unison😮 even if you don’t attend), but I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to be somewhere tonight. I messaged a pastor friend to see what was happening at his church tonight. He replied that they were hosting a men’s meeting, so I attended. I’m glad I did.

We so often miss something special God has for us because we are afraid of the Holy Spirit. He has never guided me wrong. My emotions have. Other people have. The Holy Spirit is always in line with the Bible and will never contradict. 

God had more confirmation for me regarding some things He is currently doing in me and ways He is guiding me. He spoke through two pastors I highly respect. These men have been newfound friends in this second half of my life. I separate the two halves by “Matthew before divorce (when I was normal?)” and “Matthew after divorce and remarriage (when I became a freak with two heads?)😂. In times like these, you learn who your real friends are. A real friend loves at all times (a word for someone who may need to get rid of some fake friends).

The Holy Spirit is saying something to you today. What do you fear? Ridicule? The unknown? Launch out and obey! It may shake you, but you’ll be glad you did.


5 thoughts on “Obeying the Holy Spirit

  1. I would have to go your church if were to be in your area.
    I really do miss those real church mass and not the one that are overwhelmed with conservatives who had a way to manipulate the mass Population of believers in giving them fear and loathing the truth that they used as lies and threat.
    I admit it disgust me to the Point that I have not the desire to ever find any church or praying Group anymore.
    Unlike, where I come from, a small village with Population of a few hundreds People in it, we were a very tight and Close community, but we live in harmony and respect. Alone in that village there are mixed races and Folks with different Backgrounds and yet no one judge, nor to force People using their church on someone else’s or of their own Family.
    I missed our beloved priest who had also shown true Service of love and forgiveness, to share wisdom that showed us what it means to be ‘human’ and he is more of the Servant of God in the way he served the People as embracing them in full acceptance and understanding. He reached People’s heart with such sincerity that one holds deep faith in him as the Man of God.

    And that way too, it is one of way to bring forth the Holy Spirit into the church, into one’s heart and into everyone. It is where the priest can touch other’s heart with true Vision and that you shall see the truth in everyone you see. It is after that you may see your true friends and companions in this as well …

    Love this blog, Matthew.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I believe we could teach more about God’s Holy Spirit! So often, we don’t and now in my 60’s I am just learning and appreciating how close God wants us to be. I am glad your “friends” are showing you their true nature now! That is a blessing !

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