Reach Out This Holiday!

Many of you are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but others of you are not. This year, Thanksgiving falls on the anniversary of when I resigned the church where I was a pastor. That week began the worst holiday season of my life. The next year, I dreaded this season. In 2014, you dare not  make me watch one of those sappy Hallmark movies because I wasn’t feeling it. Most of those movies were about love and families. I still wasn’t living the “happily ever after”.

Fast forward to 2016! I can watch Hallmark movies now. I am happily married and stepping out into new steps of obedience for the Lord. The pain of betrayal by some church members, the destruction of the family unit I knew, and all that happened during that time still sting on occasions, but the sting is what causes me to minister with greater compassion.

Some of my readers are experiencing deeper hurt now than I ever did during the holidays. Tragedy struck on a much deeper level than I could ever imagine. My prayer is that God will bring healing into your life so that you can extend love and compassion to others because you know what it is like to hurt.

To those who are planning on having your traditional “my 4 and no more” holiday, think of someone who will be alone and extend your family a bit. Invite that new widow or widower over who has no children or the one society has written off. When you do such to “the least of these”, you have done it unto Jesus. ‘Tis the season to reach out and the time to make it a regular part of your life.


7 thoughts on “Reach Out This Holiday!

  1. Yes, we need to reach out! We are planning to do just that with a couple of neighbors who had recent losses, and family. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Matthew! Thanks for the reminder that we need to be considerate especially around this time because many suffer depression around this season.

  2. I remember your hard times so much. I prayed for you, even when I was involved in your hard times. In a way, these hard times left to good memories. If you think about it.

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