What Is Thanksgiving?

I bet you’re looking for a history lesson, right? One full of pilgrims, etc.? Sorry, but I hate to disappoint you. 

Some of you are probably thinking that I’m going to say it is an event or an act. Once again, I hate to disappoint you!

Thanksgiving is an attitude!

An attitude of thanksgiving should be a lifestyle. Don’t just let this week be some warm and fuzzy hour while you eat enough food for five people! The Bible says, “IN every thing give thanks!” Not for, but in. Let this carry into December then over into the new year. Be the one who is known for appreciating what you have and the people in your life. Have the reputation of being the positive person even when everything in your life seems negative. Be an atmosphere changer! With that in mind, happy thanksgiving! God bless all my blogging friends and those outside the WordPress community who read.


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