Don’t Forget Those Who Helped You

This weekend, I spent some time re-connecting with friends that were present before my separation and divorce and were my key support group when I came back to town with only my oldest son. It was nostalgic and fun at the same time. These friends were both divorcees who had walked the road before me and were, in my opinion, steady as a rock though they would quickly acknowledge their weak moments.

This stirred a thankful heart in me as I began to think about growing up with a family and my home church that loved me and did their best to support what God was doing in me, to think about the great people I met in college who shared the same burdens and similar calling, professors who instilled wisdom into my life, the pastors who poured into my life and church members who followed my leadership and loved me even if I had more zeal than knowledge, the element in the first church I pastored that stood with me despite my inexperience, the people in Oconee County, SC, who were here to love me at my lowest, and my kids, a loving wife, and friends who believe that God is not done with me.

I thank God for providing for me financially when it looked like I would not have a penny to my name. I thank Him for encouraging me when depression hit so hard. I thank God for coworkers that work together, laugh together, and cry together. I don’t have enough space to contain it all.

The bottom line is I AM BLESSED! As Regi Stone wrote, “I will sing praise. I will lift my voice. I will sing praise. I’ve made my choice. I will sing praise in all I do. I will sing praise to You. No matter the storms that come my way, no matter the trials I may face, You promised that You would see me through, so I will trust in You.”


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