Don’t Bank on It!

When I set out for ministry, I had grandiose ideas of how it might be. I imagined that everyone who went to church was really hungry for God, and I would never had any hardships. Once I got into it, I learned that my imaginations were just that. I had a fairy tale idea of what ministry would be like that was far from reality. 

What did I find when I got there? People would be mean, pastors would be condescending, and I would need a spine of steel to survive. That’s life! For some strange reason, people have this crazy idea that serving Jesus is problem free and those who have problems must be doing it wrong. I learned that everything can be great and dramatically turn in a second. 

For those of you who are serious about being a Christian, don’t run from the difficulties! I will tell you what you can bank on…God’s faithfulness! God’s healing of your broken heart! God’s provision (though it may not be the way you expect)! You can bank on Jesus not people!

Although I have had a few hardships along the way, the hardships showed me I was banking on the wrong thing. So much has been redefined in my life but for the better. If you are banking on man’s definition of success, it’s time to find out what Jesus says then bank on it!


12 thoughts on “Don’t Bank on It!

  1. I left the church in college after seeing first-hand the behind the doors “business” side of a church and denomination. Witnessed one minister attempt to destroy the reputation and career of another minister so he could climb over him after stepping on him, to get his position. I realized the politics of the inner church are just like any corporation. I returned to church and God following a twenty some year of walking away. What did I learn in those years? I may have walked away from God but God never left me. He waited patiently for my return so I could begin to believe again and discover our personal relationship with Jesus is what matters, you provide a good reminder guiding us to scripture!

  2. We can certainly bank on what God tells us to bank on. In fact, Numbers 14 shows the dire consequences when we don’t. If he’s given us a promise, doubting it is tantamount to spurning God.

    But if you’re saying “Don’t bank on MAN” or fortune or whatever, then you’re on to something for sure.

  3. We had a guest speaker come in this weekend who was speaking about ministry. He said something very profound. He was first a surgeon then a pastor and said that being a pastor was 10 times more difficult then being a doctor! I was blown away by that statement cause it shows me how seriousl we must regard the role of leadership!
    In fact, being a Christian is not an easy road at all…..
    We need His grace!
    Great post


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