A Man with a Legacy

In a world full of pompous self-promoters, men and women who possess a gentle, humble spirit seem to be a minority. This afternoon, Heaven gained one of those men who did his best to exemplify what it means to be like Jesus. Dr. Leonard Allred would be quick to tell you he was not perfect, but it was obvious to the students who attended what is now Piedmont International University during his years as a professor that he genuinely loved and cared for people. 

I attended Piedmont from 1998-2001 but did not have the privilege of taking any of “Doc’s” classes until summer 2001. Doc was closer to retirement by this time, but he exposed us to some modern methodology and was never critical or hateful about new ways of doing things. He was a true educator in presenting ideas and allowing us to think for ourselves biblically. He helped me open my narrow mind to some alternatives that would still accomplish God’s purpose.

Tonight, his family and countless students mourn a loss. One day, those of us who know Christ will look forward to a reunion. Until Jesus returns, the legacy of Leonard Allred will continue. Thanks, Doc, for loving people as they are and being an example we all desired to emulate!

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