Cut & Paste or Highlight & Delete

Have you ever wished your life was like a Microsoft Word document where you could cut parts of your story and paste them into someone else’s life or just highlight and delete portions and leave mysterious gaps so you wouldn’t have to face that those things ever happened? I have. You have maybe left certain places you lived off your Facebook profile because of the painful memories that are associated with that place or removed every memory of a painful relationship because it seems easier to pretend that the relationship never happened than to face the pain and trauma it may have brought to your life. 

We all have our defense mechanisms. One thing I have learned – you will eventually have to process the pain and grief of those traumatic times of your life.  Pastors and families often take years to heal from being fired from churches. If they weren’t fired, many were treated horribly and left feeling useless in God’s kingdom work. Wives or husbands were dumped for “something better”, only to deal with the feeling that they were used and unwanted while the other spouse goes on without a second glance. The list goes on.

There is a Healer, and His name is Jesus. I have learned personally that the healing process never happens as quickly as we would like. That does not mean that God is absent. You may not be able to cut and paste or highlight and delete in real life, but I can assure you that there is a point where the hurt and the Healer collide. I pray that the song below will minister to you in your brokenness and give you hope and strength to move forward.


5 thoughts on “Cut & Paste or Highlight & Delete

  1. I appreciate this message.

    I am often frustrated by people who try to resolve tough situations by going “This is God’s will or it wouldn’t have happened, learn the lesson and be grateful!” That kind of thinking totally bypasses the need for healing and implies that it’s incorrect to feel pain. We need healing. God uses legitimately painful things to guide us down our paths, and whatever his purpose in them, he does not simply leave us wounded and bleeding afterwards. He heals us. Like a heart surgeon who must wreck the body to reach the heart, he binds us up afterwards.

    1. Well said! Three years ago, I honestly got sick of the trite “Christian” sayings. It’s as if people got their statements out of religious fortune cookies rather than the Bible. I learned a lot about what to say or not to say during times of trouble.

  2. it’s sad for the hire and fire system in GOD’s ministry that demand professionalism than spiritualism…ya wish for matter such as that to be that pastors would not have live in the fear of man…

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