Christmas Faces

This morning, I had to go into a well known store to pick up some medicine. Because everyone goes to this particular place to purchase everything from groceries to Christmas presents, the place was packed. Something stood out to me more today than any other day – the faces of those who were shopping. There was such sadness, worry, panic, and other negative expressions everywhere I turned. While this season should be one of joy, most people are consumed with how they are going to buy presents, how much they will spend on these presents, while many of them either don’t have the real gift of Christmas or don’t want Him. 

When the announcement of Christ’s birth came, the message was labeled as “glad tidings of great joy”. Somewhere along the way, this joy became lost because the true meaning of Christmas was lost or replaced. 

A dear friend of mine, Greg Griffin, came up with the idea that was later made into a video clip. I think this clip depicts the reason why these Christmas faces are gloomy. They need to remember!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Faces

  1. I love how short yet impactful this post and video were. A very timely reminder for me as my wife and I prepare to brave the chaos tomorrow so that we can have food in our bellies. Thank you for sharing it! Merry Christmas!

  2. I actually thought about this just a few days ago. I was thinking how years ago I was exactly the person you are describing in your post. Angry or sad because we could not afford presents, yet I had no idea the true meaning of the season. We are so in love with Jesus now we actually forget people are out shopping for gifts during Christmas!!! I’m not trying to high and mighty but we now choose to allow Him to consume us during this time of year because it’s all about Him! Thanks for sharing.

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