Preacher, You’re Fired!

Because I know how pastors are treated (from personal experience and the stories of friends), no wonder many have become disillusioned with the church. I am still a believer in what God can do through the local church, but many people who say (but don’t act like) they are Christians have taken authority into their own hands that is often not theirs to begin with. I will be glad to give you an example. 

I heard a story about a pastor who told the congregation at the end of the service to read Mark 31 in preparation for the evening message. A man whom I know personally was visiting the church and was curious enough to return since he knew Mark only has 16 chapters. When the pastor began the evening message, he asked how many read the passage for the evening. A handful of people raised their hands. The pastor asked for those people to sit on the reserved front pew and that he was going to preach on lying. Those people walked out, and the pastor was fired that week. The man commented to me, “Baptists are great at finding a reason to fire their pastor.” Sadly, I agreed with him. 

That is one of thousands of stories where pastors were wrongfully terminated or asked to leave. I served a church once where we sent money to a pastor who came home to an eviction notice on the parsonage after he had a brain tumor removed. The church did not find him useful anymore, so they decided to kick him while he was down. Spiritual, huh?

I have known countless pastors who did nothing wrong. They led the church as God led them. If you belong to a church and have any “authority”, please understand that whatever role you play in your church should not be abused. This is for pastors, deacons, committee members, etc. Do not abuse it! You will answer to the Lord Jesus Christ for what you have done. If you have a pastor with whom you disagree, go to him biblically. If it’s about personal preference, sometimes we have to put our big boy/girl pants on and accept that things won’t go our way. If it’s that bad, go to another church but get your heart right on the way! If his attitude is wrong, pray for him. 

There are times when pastors do need to move on. Sometimes they commit crimes or sinful acts that need to be addressed. In those cases, handle it with love. Try to restore the pastor and love him and his family. Remember, he has a wife and children who are already in a fragile state and do not need the situation to be mishandled.

Pastors are human beings who have just as much time in the day as you do, have financial and family responsibilities, but are expected to minister equally to sometimes hundreds of people. Whatever you do, don’t kick them to the curb because they are not meeting YOUR performance standards. If they are meeting God’s, that is all that matters.

13 thoughts on “Preacher, You’re Fired!

  1. Luke 22:21-38
    Scripture fulfils itself within the true believers who stand in the word of God.
    Luke 14:25-34
    If the weeds can not take the life from us they will uproot us to leave, to be planted in another patch which really is God’s plan for those who stand in His Word and endure.
    Amen and Amen

  2. A pastor’s job is not one to be envied. They have a front-row seat to the sins of their congregations, they are the first to be criticized for everything, they never have enough manpower to do anything and yet are expected to build a church that can do everything, and that doesn’t even get into the hatred of the world. Thanks for reminding us to love our pastors, and that we are responsible, at least in part, for feeding ourselves spiritually.

  3. Consumerism in a local church is sad, pathetic and disgusting. But alas, there are many occupying pews who see themselves as the consumers, not the servants…peace my brother and Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, and righteous indignation is an enemy of the Lord as well. When will we get over this vanity and the high horse we ride and realize the only reason we have anything is because of His mercy and grace.
      I’m just a dirtball filled with the Lords Holy Spirit.
      Thankyou Jesus

  4. Who is the Church?
    We are the Church!!!
    There is only One Pastor…Yeshua is His name.
    Thank You Yahushua HaMachiack
    Thank You Yaweh
    Our Kairos Now…In His Love

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