Every now and then, we find ourselves saying or writing things that we can’t take back. We can “retract”, but the offense is already done.

The other day, I posted something that was done without much thought. I received a comment from one of my readers that stung deeply, but this reader was right. My post was not the least bit helpful. I commented back to this person, thinking the intent my post was clear. I went back to read it again and discover that it did not come across well at all. The comment led me to delete the post.

Sometimes we are humbled by reality. We have to say “I’m sorry”, “I was wrong”, “I sinned against you” and things that are contrary to our nature. People respect leaders who know when they are wrong and are willing to admit it.

I don’t know if the reader who was offended by my now-deleted post will read anything I have written again, but it was a reminder of how we much choose our words wisely (which sometimes requires that we say nothing at all). I do not seek to intentionally offend my readers. It does happen sometimes because of differences in beliefs, etc. At the end of day, I want to be able to dwell in this writing community in unity.

Just as we have to get things right with our “neighbor”, we must confess our sins to God and seek His forgiveness also. First John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” We cannot undo the past or the consequences, but we can strive for harmony with our fellow man and God. It may not be a retraction, but it can potentially turn out to be something better.


13 thoughts on “Retraction

  1. I just started following your blog, but saw a post recently about being brief. I liked it. I like brevity. Just thought I’d throw in a positive comment- although it might not be the post you are talking about. But I appreciate shorter posts, and look forward to reading yours in 2017!

  2. Most of us have been in this same boat, so to speak, Matthew. You have apologized, and taken down the post. You have done all you can. If there is anything at the root of Christianity, it is love, forgiveness, and grace to cover our missteps. Rest in these things, good friend!


  3. Matthew,
    There are occasions when our well intentioned writing may be misinterpreted based upon another’s subjective view. Sometimes our truth may not mesh well with God’s objective truth. When I write I stay as close to Christ’s word as is humanly possible. If there is then any objection; I ask that they take it up with Jesus. I write not with the fear of offending a reader. I write with the hope that I will not offend God.

  4. Amen. My personal favorite is when someone begins with, “no offense, but . . .” 🙂 Grateful for God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness we can give one another, too. Thanks for this post! )

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