Disagreements Among Christians

I’m on a roll tonight. As I was reading a post from another blogger, I was reminded how quick the “Christian” community (however it is variously defined) is to disagree. We will argue over semantics and preferences in a heartbeat. Please let me clarify that I did not argue with this blogger. This sister in Christ, in my opinion, has experienced detox from manmade religion and restraints and found the liberty that comes from a vibrant relationship with Christ. If she is reading this, I hope it is a fair assessment.

While the dialog on her post was good, I began to think about so many professing Christians who deliver their opinions with a hateful spirit via the internet and other forms of media. Paul said in Ephesians 4:15 to speak the truth in love. If it is a preferential disagreement, it isn’t even worth sharing. Many of my Christian brothers and sisters don’t dot their i’s and cross their t’s like I do, but I will not engage in a war because they don’t see things like I do.

We must ask ourselves this question when we get into public discussion: “Am I doing any harm to someone and their Christian growth by what I type and the way I word it?” If the answer is potentially yes, it’s time to rethink. Scripture teaches that we should not cause a brother or sister to stumble. The point is not for us to look correct; it is to glorify Christ by delivering truth in a way that honors Him.


6 thoughts on “Disagreements Among Christians

  1. “Am I doing any harm to someone and their Christian growth by what I type and the way I word it?” I hope it wasn’t my blog you referred to; either way, this is a great question to always keep in mind before hitting the “publish” button.

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