It’s His Kingdom!

Amazingly, I have not had anyone negatively speak against what I am doing in planting a new church. However, I do know that the negativity exists. Sadly, many churches or pastors are trying to build a personal kingdom. That kingdom may range from a small group that doesn’t want change to a large church with large facilities and wants to have a monopoly on their region. The last time I checked, no one church can do it alone. No pastor can do it alone. It takes groups of people scattered across the world to make an impact. The beautiful thing is when these groups of believers unite for the cause of Christ despite ethnicity and manmade barriers.

My circle of pastor friends now includes those who see the big picture. They have supported my calling and have volunteered to help me in any way they can. It is more than lip service because I have tested them on this.

I know the church (called out ones, not an institution) that Jesus introduced in Matthew 16:18 was never meant to be a split and splintered group that fussed and feuded about the most ridiculous of issues. Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against this army of believers. It did not take long for it to become a divided group (read I Corinthians 1). Paul had to rebuke the Corinthian church for saying they belong to a certain personality. How sad that the competition has only gotten worse since that moment!

Dear friend, please don’t get sucked up into this cultish mentality that your church is the only one that has it right. We don’t agree completely, but many of us are on the same team doctrinally. For those who believe differently than the Bible teaches, we must display love to them.  It’s time we quit building monuments unto ourselves and start building a kingdom for Jesus that transcends time, space, and will help people meet the Savior and live for Him.


6 thoughts on “It’s His Kingdom!

  1. Excellent post, Matt. A perplexing problem.
    Christ left men to be custodians of His Church. Satan cannot prevail against Her because it is the living body of Christ, the Church’s head Himself. But, Satan has gotten His foot in the door, because those custodians, too often influenced by the world, find themselves not on the same page as Christ. He did say: “If you love me, you will do what I say.” But, many walked away. God loves us so much that He would not force Himself upon us. He gave us a free will. You could say that He loves us so much that He would allow us to send ourselves heaven or to hell. It is always our choice.
    That is why there will be a second coming, as He said: to separate the sheep from the goats.

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