The New Journey

Last Sunday, we had our first service for Overcomers Church. It was an exciting day that I have waited for longer than I realized. When you start from scratch, you never really know what shape the church will take on. All I knew is that I wanted to target those who were considered outcasts in most places. In most churches where I have served, no one knew what to do with the family with one or two spouses who had been divorced, the single parent, the grieving widow/widower, and they normally guilt-tripped those who missed a service. So far, the chemistry of this body of believers includes many who have been divorced, children who are there every other weekend due to parental visitation arrangements, etc. We have a past, but that past has been washed away by the blood of Jesus and we look to a bright future in Christ.

I told people in the beginning that I have no clue what I am doing. I have pastored an already established church, but this venture keeps me relying on the Lord. I did not have the “luxury” of pastoring a church in this area and splitting to start this. We are primarily a group that consists of those who were loosely connected or de-churched.

With that in consideration, we know that we will have a slow go but one that I trust will be steady with lasting results. My vision is not to be the biggest and coolest thing in town. We started with no financial support and have had good offerings considering the number of people we started with. We are excited about getting into the community and making them aware that a loving community of believers can exist and they won’t be judged for tattoos, nose rings, and things that many have considered ungodly. Our biggest concern is that a person’s heart is clean, and that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

For those who are reading and live away from us, please pray. To those who live closer and have a place where you worship, please pray for us also. To those who live nearby and felt like the church has let you down, I know the feeling. That is part of what led me to this point of starting this new faith community. I promise you will not find perfect people when you walk in the doors. You will find real people with real struggles who serve an awesome God. You will find room for you to be loved and help to move forward in life. We are casual. The worship focuses on Jesus Christ, and the preaching is biblical and will meet you where you are.

God is doing great things through Overcomers Church. We encourage you to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @overcomerssc.

7 thoughts on “The New Journey

  1. GOD bless YOU and you are doing a good service…i liked the name Overcomers Church..reminds me of Jesus overcoming death…so can we overcome every problem in the name of resurrected Jesus

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