The Comeback Pastor

My blog name, formerly known as “Matthew Winters Ministries”, will now be called “The Comeback Pastor”. In 2013, I honestly had given up on preaching again but had not given up my call to ministry. The fire God put in me 20 years ago never quit burning, so I resolved in my heart to not allow my setback to be permanent. So many allow setbacks to paralyze them. I did that for a while. Now I am coming back and giving God all the glory. 

If you feel set back by circumstances in your life, God doesn’t want to keep you there. He is not done with you, so keep pushing forward and watch Him honor your perseverance.

3 thoughts on “The Comeback Pastor

  1. God is awesome and we are all on the comeback when we let Him lead. My problem is sometimes I get a little overly confident and wrongly suggest to God that He relax a minute because I got it covered, lol, lol. After a minute I quickly realize I can’t do anything without Him. So keep focusing on HIm and watch the comeback!

    1. So true! It is all God! I’m having to remember that now more than ever. As I have planted this church, I have asked God all along to do something for which I can take no credit. I can’t wait to see what He does.

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