Time for a Change (Again)

After several months of the same layout, I thought it was time for a change. Just like the website design was in a rut and predictable, our lives so easily become that. We fall into the trap of doing the same old thing because it is easy and comfortable. If we do the same thing, we get the same results.

If you are a Christian, God definitely does not want you in a rut. The Christian life can be the most exciting adventure if you are truly seeking God. I would have easily remained in my comfort zone of Portsmouth, Virginia had God not called me into ministry. I would have never had the opportunities I was afforded so early in life had I played it safe.

Maybe you are reading this today and you are not satisfied with your life. I am not saying that every season of dissatisfaction has anything to do with God. If you are truly seeking Him through prayer and Scripture, He will reveal if this unrest is something He is placing in your life. The bottom line is that God wants you growing. Second Peter 3:18 commands us to grow in His grace and knowledge.

How are we doing in this area? Are we in the place where we were 3 years ago, or are we taking steps or even leaps of faith? Maybe it’s time for a change!


One thought on “Time for a Change (Again)

  1. As we read your words and looked back we are amazed at how he has carried us forward to even more revelation of Himself and ourselves in relation to Him. All things work together for good….

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