Power in a Few

Throughout my ministry career, I have ministered in churches that average 20-500. For me, it was easier to minister in the churches with larger attendance. However, I have noticed a vast contrast from pastoring a church of 100 or leading worship in a church of 500 versus pastoring a church in its infancy. While this new church plant isn’t perfect (and we don’t want it to be), the people have a vested interest in what God is doing and how He can use them. The overall ministry approach is WAY out of my comfort zone, but there is an excitement-fear combination that makes this journey an adventure.

After today’s worship gathering, we met to plan for our Easter service. We are busy inviting and believing that the Holy Spirit will draw people and do an awesome thing. We have a little over a handful of adults (who have a ton of children who are actively involved😀), but there is power in a few. Jesus used 12 disciples to turn the world upside down. Today, I preached about how God used the woman at the well (a woman of low reputation who was considered racially unacceptable) to spread the gospel throughout her hometown. Never underestimate the power of YOU as a vessel through which the Holy Spirit can work.

While I cannot brag on high attendance, big giving, or programs, I can rejoice in the excitement of the ones God has sent to be the core group of Overcomers Church. I love these people, and I can’t wait to watch us grow together and impact the kingdom for the glory of God.

3 thoughts on “Power in a Few

  1. I’m in a tiny church too. You’ve absolutely nailed it,the excitement,enthusiasm,and authentic desire for Jesus is wonderful,and yet we are so understaffed, so unable to meet the need there is. There really is power in a few.

    There is also exhaustion and burnout and a powerful need to protect yourself from taking on too much.

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