One Day We Will Meet

I have had the privilege of blogging for over a year and a half now. The experience has been wonderful. I have met my greatest encouragers here on WordPress. I was just contemplating how I would love to have a bloggers “reunion” or something of that nature. The likelihood of that is slim.

I do know one reality. For all those who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation, I will see them in Heaven. I will join my fellow Christian bloggers, believers who have gone before me, and we will surround our Savior with praises for all eternity. 

Heaven will be far greater than any of us can imagine. I will see more people than I realize who paved the way for me to be saved and walk within my calling. There will be many great encouragers who never realized their impact on this side of Heaven.

Never underestimate how God will use you here! The level of impact can be massive, and you may never know it here. Our Lord and Savior will reward us there.

If you do not know Christ, turn from your sin and ask the One who died for you to forgive you and turn your life around. He will do it. He is faithful to His promise!

5 thoughts on “One Day We Will Meet

  1. Yep,amen! There are many bloggers I’m never going to meet in person,but I do look forward to a big reunion in heaven. I think we’ll all be able to recognize one another too. 🙂

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