God Exceeded My Expectations

Last night, I appeared on Niteline. This is a live program on WGGS TV 16 in Taylors, SC. I contacted the station about a way to get the word out about Overcomers Church, our new church plant. I expected a “blip” that was included in their announcements and would have been satisfied with that. However, God exceeded my expectations when the station sent me an application to fill out to be on their Niteline program. I emailed the form back and got a response within an hour to be scheduled for April 19.

The experience was wonderful. I was extremely nervous, but God blessed and gave us a sweet time between my interview and the couple that ministered in song. We have even had contacts since the program. That is just like God to exceed our expectations. Read Jeremiah 33:3 and Ephesians 3:20. 

Maybe you’re wondering about something in your life. You have a little expectation, but God wants to move in a big way. Please join me in praying for God to do awesome things through Overcomers Church. Here is the interview that God so graciously gave.

4 thoughts on “God Exceeded My Expectations

  1. Matthew. I listened to most of this interview, skipping the singers. You are so correct. The church organization is a well oiled machine but has missed those who have disengaged themselves for many reasons. Just as Pastor Warren said, there is a religious spirit out there that simply doesn’t reach many of these people. I agree that you possess a good spirit and one that loves Christ and His people. I am so glad that you are willing to go the route that you and your family is. Because of your service many people are going to come to know the Lord and too, to know the high calling of Jesus Christ which transcends much, much more as you know, to be His disciple rather than sit in a pew, clap and tithe and more or less memorize a few bible passages. I enjoyed hearing your past, your experiences and how free you were to share these experiences. Thank you so much for being so giving and for extending yourself out in service to God’s People. Thank you again. Tom

  2. It takes courage to bring anxiety and depression out into the open. Christians often turn their backs on sufferers — as if illness of this kind were a sign of sin or God’s disfavor. It is important to overcome such ignorance.

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