Is a small world always a good thing?

We all find ourselves at times saying “It’s a small world” when we meet someone from halfway across the world who knows someone we know who lives in a different area where we meet. Or, in my small town life, you know two separate people for years and find out they are sisters. We use this phrase frequently.

Don’t get me wrong! There are things I like about small town life. However, it can bite you when you become the topic of gossip. People tend to know everyone’s business and it becomes second nature to talk about somebody else in the form of a prayer request or just to have something to talk about because you know anyone loves some juicy gossip (and preachers are good gossipers too). 

On a positive note, I was encouraged yesterday to sit in a hospital waiting area while my mom had a procedure done. Every person in the waiting room was a Christian. We didn’t gossip. We bragged on the Lord. I loved having church in a hospital waiting area. 

So the next time I find out someone is running their mouth about me, I must remember that they are giving someone else a break. Life is too short to focus on the pettiness of busybodies who have nothing better to do with their time. Don’t miss those sweet moments in a hospital waiting area or those special unplanned meetings when God puts someone in your path to encourage you. 

Life must be approached with blinders on. So put your blinders on and look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He will allow you to see through His eyes the people you need to minister to and the toxic people that only He can change. It sure does beat the alternative of worrying about what everyone else is saying or thinking.


7 thoughts on “Is a small world always a good thing?

  1. Amen! I loved a small town we lived in for 10 years. We had church everywhere!!! Grocery store as you checked out: “God Bless you!” “And you!” All the government meetings started with prayer and the pledge. The hospital was full of scriptures on the walls, in pictures, just every where. It was a taste of heaven. But there were the gossipers, too. 😞

  2. A very good post! No room in the Kingdom of God for “back-biters” nor gossips. Hope your mom is doing well…


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