Does A Christian Who Committed Suicide Go to Heaven?

This is a very controversial issue, but I ask that each reader respectfully read and agree or disagree with grace. One of the reasons the answer to this is so controversial is that many people have been given the answer by people who mean well but have not studied the Bible as a whole. My grandparents were all great people, but I did not agree with everything they said. Even if you agree with the conclusion and it brings comfort, you may not agree with me theologically. I do not have to agree with you to treat you with dignity and respect. That is my prayer for all who read and those who choose to comment.

Now on to the biblical answer…

I know many people who believe that if a person commits suicide, he or she has no hope of going to Heaven even if that person had a relationship with Jesus Christ. I have asked why they believe that. Most all of them say the same thing: that person didn’t get to confess that sin. I asked a deacon who engaged in this discussion with me this question: “What if you got into a car accident that killed you because you lusted after a woman and drove off a mountain to your death? You wouldn’t have time to confess that sin. Jesus says you commit adultery in your heart when you lust after a woman (Matthew 5). Would you go to hell?” I asked him if he believed in eternal security. He said yes. He then concluded that he didn’t want a theological argument to sound like it justified someone committing suicide. If dying with unconfessed sin sends us to hell, we would all be there because most people I know lie when someone asks them how they are doing. They say “fine” when they’re really not. There has to be a standard of righteousness, and His name is Jesus. Hold onto that thought, because I’m coming back to it.

Many people choose to live without hope of seeing a believing loved one again who committed suicide because it goes against what a family member said or even by their own conclusion. Not everyone goes to Heaven. Only those who enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ do. That includes those who committed suicide. I would like to continue to prove this thought from the Bible. 

When a person turns from sin and turns to Jesus Christ for salvation, the Holy Spirit enters that person. Scripture says that we are SEALED by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption (Ephesians 4:30). This is not a leaky seal. It is also not a license to live like the devil and cross the finish line into Heaven. Romans 6:1 says, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid!” 

Furthermore, the person who turns to Jesus Christ is positionally righteous. This does not mean that he or she loses the ability to sin. The temptation still exists, but God changes a growing believer’s desires to be more like His. 

Second Corinthians 5:21 says, “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” Jesus Christ took on our sin, and we “become the righteousness of God in Him”. James 2:23 says that Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. This doctrine is called “imputed righteousness”, meaning that Christ places this to our account. The phrase “everlasting life” is not just about our life after death. It starts when a person turns to Christ for salvation. 

In conclusion, I am offering hope to those who have lost a Christian loved one to suicide. I am not offering suicide as an option for people to take to escape their troubles. I know some may choose to read this and still disagree, but please prayerfully consider the Bible over what someone else told you. This applies to every area of life. Don’t take someone’s word without doing some study for yourself! That includes what I have to say😀.


6 thoughts on “Does A Christian Who Committed Suicide Go to Heaven?

  1. Matthew, You have just described the problem with doctrine. People should read for themselves and then decide. Yes, doctrine is there for a safeguard and with good reasoning behind it. However, there are times when it is actually wrong. More often than which I’d like to admit.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. It really does take reading of the scripture and the illumination by the Holy Spirit to understand God’s teachings, doctrines. Yes, once sealed by the Spirit our salvation is secure, even though we sometimes still sin, but our sins have been covered, while we work out our very salvation with fear and trembling. Good post.

  3. Applaud you for tackling this subject. Years ago preached a sermon on this subject and had a a lady leave the church over it. Came to the same conclusion as you, is we are sealed then this action can not send us to hell. While as you I do not offer suicide as a solution, I am not in the state of mind that the person who see’s this as their only option is at the moment either.

  4. This was well done, Matthew, and I think some people will find hope because of it. I absolutely agree with your conclusion, as I believe Scripture clearly supports this conclusion.

    Again, well done.

  5. I agree with you 100%, although it’s something I only share when needed. As a matter of fact, to be completely transparent, because I have been tempted with suicide in the past (thereby have crossed a line that can’t be uncrossed), I try to avoid thinking about this truth. In other words, I will use it to comfort others, but I remind myself that I’m not always correct in what I believe. I mean, why risk it, correct?

    I know that might sound morbid or hypocritical, but it’s the truth. I firmly believe that God’s grace goes well beyond our faults and failures, including the unconfessed sin that might be there at the time of death. Like you said – and I like the picture – the “seal” doesn’t leak.

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