One Day We Will Meet

I have had the privilege of blogging for over a year and a half now. The experience has been wonderful. I have met my greatest encouragers here on WordPress. I was just contemplating how I would love to have a bloggers “reunion” or something of that nature. The likelihood of that is slim.

I do know one reality. For all those who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation, I will see them in Heaven. I will join my fellow Christian bloggers, believers who have gone before me, and we will surround our Savior with praises for all eternity. 

Heaven will be far greater than any of us can imagine. I will see more people than I realize who paved the way for me to be saved and walk within my calling. There will be many great encouragers who never realized their impact on this side of Heaven.

Never underestimate how God will use you here! The level of impact can be massive, and you may never know it here. Our Lord and Savior will reward us there.

If you do not know Christ, turn from your sin and ask the One who died for you to forgive you and turn your life around. He will do it. He is faithful to His promise!


Power in a Few

Throughout my ministry career, I have ministered in churches that average 20-500. For me, it was easier to minister in the churches with larger attendance. However, I have noticed a vast contrast from pastoring a church of 100 or leading worship in a church of 500 versus pastoring a church in its infancy. While this new church plant isn’t perfect (and we don’t want it to be), the people have a vested interest in what God is doing and how He can use them. The overall ministry approach is WAY out of my comfort zone, but there is an excitement-fear combination that makes this journey an adventure.

After today’s worship gathering, we met to plan for our Easter service. We are busy inviting and believing that the Holy Spirit will draw people and do an awesome thing. We have a little over a handful of adults (who have a ton of children who are actively involved😀), but there is power in a few. Jesus used 12 disciples to turn the world upside down. Today, I preached about how God used the woman at the well (a woman of low reputation who was considered racially unacceptable) to spread the gospel throughout her hometown. Never underestimate the power of YOU as a vessel through which the Holy Spirit can work.

While I cannot brag on high attendance, big giving, or programs, I can rejoice in the excitement of the ones God has sent to be the core group of Overcomers Church. I love these people, and I can’t wait to watch us grow together and impact the kingdom for the glory of God.

Everyone Has a “god”

A few hours ago, someone posted some thoughts about atheism. This prompted me to also write about some things I have considered. Some of these things were covered by the other blogger, while some thoughts were not. 

I recently read something posted by someone who brags about being an atheist. He has every right to believe as he wishes. That is one of the great things about America – freedom of religion (or lack thereof). This individual has also made statements about what is right and what is wrong. I began to contemplate this. If this person does not believe there is a god, then who decides right from wrong? We do. Doesn’t that elevate us to a god-like status? 

That is a huge part of today’s problem…we have become our own god. We would swear that we don’t worship ourselves, but the evidence proves to the contrary. Life, for many, is all about what they want to do, when they want to do it, how they want to do it, etc. When did we get the authority to call our own shots? Yes, God gave us free will and many have chosen to elevate that free will to “show God who’s boss”.

Many today want just enough of Jesus that might get them into Heaven but don’t want the obedience that goes along with it. Those who claim to be atheists are often those who have experienced trauma in life and do not know how to balance the sovereignty of God with the trauma they have experienced. They feel that God has disappointed them, so it is easier to say there is no god than to try to work through the tough questions. 

I am, by no means, an expert on the subject. I know that I see a generation who has elevated itself to a God-like status either by claiming to be Christian and calling their own shots or denying the existence of God and placing God-like authority upon themselves. Any way you look at it, it is a sin. We have no right to place ourselves above God. There are consequences to such actions, and the results will be humility and humiliation. My question to all of us is “Who/what is the ‘god’ in your life?”

Burning Bridges

Something triggered a thought recently of how I have burned some bridges over the years. I think we have all done that at least once. In my case, I was hurt by pastors I worked with or those in a church I pastored. In poor response, I said or did things to make it known how hurt I was. I have even made the mistake of airing my feelings on this blog or on Facebook. I’m afraid some of you who read this may be feeling guilty right now.

Sometimes we are never able to rebuild that bridge. We do harm that sticks with people, and we will either never receive forgiveness or never get a chance to make things right with someone because they told the whole town before they told us that we advertently or inadvertently hurt them. 

I want to encourage you to cool off before you go blasting somebody on social media without calling out names (and I’m not suggesting to call names either). I have looked so foolish doing such things. I am so thankful for a sweet woman of God who sent me a private message on Facebook once after a comment I made out of discouragement, frustration, and anger. I removed it. We only make ourselves look worse when we broadcast our emotions for all to see.

On the flip side of this, some of us need to burn some bridges. Those bridges lead to people who have no business in our lives. They lead to habits that must be left behind. They lead to regret and past sin that has already been forgiven. Those rickety bridges will lead you to a life of ruin because they are not made of solid material. 

So about burning bridges…keep the bridges maintained that will connect you to people who will be a blessing in your life and leave them constructed as an example to those who are not acting in a godly manner. Tear down the ones that will lead you back to habits, people, and things that will destroy you. Do you see a “bridge”? Ask God what you should do – burn it or strengthen it?