Don’t Believe the Label!

In my blogging, I have had the privilege of getting to know a fellow blogger through telephone conversations. Our phone conversation today led me to this post. I encourage you to check out his blog at 

In our discussion, we talked about how people are treated for physical, emotional, and psychological issues. Many “professionals” give them a label that they use as a crutch or it ends up becoming a stigma, and these people can never see past that label. They become a slave to a label placed on them by a man or woman…a label they allowed themselves to receive.

Then I began to think about labels in general. We go to the grocery store and see labels on what we buy. The truth is that we cannot trust the label. There are often ingredients that are not listed on the label. There are dates on the label that say “best by…”, but these items often expire before the date. You cannot trust a label!

Maybe you are reading this and you have been labeled. You were told that you’ll always be overweight, addicted, promiscuous, etc. You were given the identity as mentally ill, suicidal, rebellious, and sold the lie that you will always be this. This is not your identity! This does not define you!

When you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, Christ redefines you. Truthfully, only He has the authority to do so. You become righteous, redeemed, justified, sanctified, and a list of other awesome things. 

I love how conversations help you word ideas that you have had but could not articulate the way you would like. Once again, I encourage you to stop by TJ’s blog, You will find a guy who has been through some difficulties in life, overcome them, and has helped other people. Others are partnering with him to provide advice and help on multiple levels. I pray that through this post and maybe something that you read on TJ’s blog that you will be set free from the label(s) that bind you.


9 thoughts on “Don’t Believe the Label!

  1. Pastor, all the bookstores are filled with self-help and therapy manuals. The true healing comes from Jesus and the transformation He gives as a result. You are right on point, as always. Thank you for bringing this to the front.

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