More Than Just a Blog (How Can I Help YOU?)

A little over a year and a half ago, I began to spew my thoughts onto WordPress (pretty picture, huh?). My original intent was to just write about where I was in life in hopes that someone could relate and find it to be of help. Now I see the need to be more intentional. 

God has given me a variety of experiences, and He does not want us to selfishly hoard the insight He gave us. He wants us to share it. I set out to help others when I surrendered to the call to ministry in 1997, and my mission is still the same.

With that said, how can this blog help you? What issues could I address that would help you in life? I want my writing to be of help to the audience God has given me, so please shoot me an email about an issue I can address on this blog. My email address is or you can comment if you feel comfortable.


3 thoughts on “More Than Just a Blog (How Can I Help YOU?)

  1. That’s a really good idea Matthew. I was just sitting here contemplating the fact that I have no morning blog for tomorrow, and the Spirit has not shared a thing with me on it.

  2. Our thoughts are that as you share how He is at work in your everyday life He will work in the lives of others through you. Our walk as you know is most times the closest people will come to reading the Bible. His mysterious ways….

  3. I don’t have any ideas, but I was just thinking, “how can I help you” is kind of the epitome of leadership itself. That is service, that is authority, that is why people turn towards their leadership in times of trouble.

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