I recently had someone tell me how shocked she was that a particular couple was no longer together because everything looked so good on Facebook. Are you laughing too? It is so easy to portray things to be one way when they are another. I can especially testify to this in the church. We put … Continue reading Facadebook


Your Weakness is also an Asset

Great thoughts about our weaknesses from another blogger! Don’t miss the opportunity that can be found in your weaknesses.


For one thing, being weak makes you look horrible. It  deprives you of courage.

The thought of being weak at something looks like a disaster to your dreams. It is no wonder that weakness is one of your most dangerous fears. Beside, who would want to be labelled weak? I know you definitely would not.  It isn’t a great achievement.  

But what if you knew that your weakness is a great asset. What if you knew that being vulnerable is the birthplace of creativity and your ticket to bliss.

 Here are 6 Reasons why your Weakness is an Asset.

1.  Your Weakness Resonates with People

Why Your weakness is an asset 2-min

Do you know that being weak boosts connection? 

The world is filled with different types of problems. You might be thinking that your problem is unique but trust me, you are not alone.

Connection is what makes meaning in our lives. Connection is the lifeline of business and every…

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The Easiest Decision That People Try To Make Hard Every Day- Jesus Christ.

Great testimony by TJ Petri! I encourage you to check out his blog. You’ll find a wide variety of topics and a few posts that will take the edge off.

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I have never been one to take people’s word for things and it was no different went I got my first bible bruise on my head from a bible thumping Baptist who thought he WAS Jesus I think. I did not say ” ouch that hurts” I think I will dedicate my life to Christ. However I was also smart enough to let one irritating Christian chase me away from Christ, just in case my investigation decided that Jesus really was who He said he was. After all his comments were not too light- like John 14: 6- ” I am the way the truth and the life, NO MAN shall see the Father except through me” If I did scratch him from my list, I wanted to be sure.

I enjoy investigating things, and finding out for myself what truth was about anything. I reads some good books, one…

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