Coming Soon…

For almost 21 years, I have served the Lord in vocational church work as a staff member, Lead Pastor, and church planter. I received 3 degrees from an accredited university and seminary (one of those being in leadership). God has granted me a good measure of success, and I have kept a lot of what God has taught me to myself. God did not give me the knowledge and experience for me to sit on it. 

Coming soon, I will be making training and resources available to church leaders and those who simply want to sharpen their tools and be their best for the Lord. Maybe you’re seeking answers to questions about the Christian faith. I want to provide resources for you. Maybe you need counsel because you are walking through divorce or some difficult time in your life. I want to be available to you. 

I will soon be launching a new website with these resources and also partnering with two other men on another site. One of these men has a background in social work, and the other in natural cures for sickness. These men are the real deal. They care more about helping people than they do about anything else. 

Stay tuned as I share more about these awesome developments. I can’t wait to share more as it comes together.


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