Survey: What is/was Missing in Your Church Teaching or Ministry Training?

Please help me out and comment below, answering this question. I’m doing some research and would like to know what you feel like you need more in your spiritual training. What do you feel your church or ministry mentors/professors are not teaching?


12 thoughts on “Survey: What is/was Missing in Your Church Teaching or Ministry Training?

  1. I was never trained to be a leader at church; I worked with the children. But after watching Joyce Meyer for years, I wish our pastors would have taught us practical living stuff. Like not complaining, not gossiping, what to do when you are sad, angry, jealous, envious, suicidal, having marriage problems etc. About the battle in our minds by Satan, and what to do with those bad thoughts.

    Don’t assume Christians are happy and fulfilled. Ask what people’s problems are; what struggles they are having. I’m not sure this is helpful in training, but this is what I needed from my church.

  2. The Holy Spirit is the largest missing person within us both individually and corporately.
    The second is pure unconditional love.
    These two when found and given are the power to overcome the world.
    Thank you Jesus

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  4. We believe the church is so busy trying to build its numbers that they shy away from telling the truth of the Bible. Churches get so tied up in what makes them more special that people get tired and stop attending. Church is not a social club like many have made it to be.

  5. Ill jump in this one! When I was saved, I knew nothing; I had never even owned a Bible. About 6 months after I was saved, I was shocked to discover our work’s Doctrinal Statement in the back our our Sunday School book; no one had even mentioned such a thing to me. Since most any church is going to have something like that, it’s really a good place to start, especially for new believer or new church members. We actually have a special class not on what we believe. That’s actually another story LOL. I took to telling the preacher how we needed such a class, and rather listen to my complaining, he told me get busy! So, now I have a class.

    • Wally, I’m not surprised that you are meeting this valuable need in the local church. I’m seeing that churches are either strong in evangelism or strong in discipleship but not both. More churches need this. It weeds out dissension and confusion if it is done on the front end.

      • That’s really a great point, Matthew. There is nothing at all wrong with the fact that different groups have varying views of things Biblical. It is important, however that there be harmony of beliefs within local assemblies. Thanks for that!

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