Identity Crisis


Recently, I preached two messages in a series called “Identity Crisis”. For many people, their identity is based on how many Facebook friends, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and Snapchat followers they have. Their identity is somehow degraded when they post an “awesome selfie” that only gets 5 likes or a spiritual post that everyone that “really knows Jesus” should like and it only gets 2 likes. On a professional level, that identity could get lost in how successful we seem in our job. On a social level, our identity could be built upon how booked our social calendar is. All of these things will fade. Our true identity is not based on what we do but on who we truly are.

We are born in a sinful condition. I’m not talking about how we were conceived, although some were conceived in a way that brings shame to their sense of identity. We are all born with a condition that only a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ can cure. Only then can we find our true identity – an identity that is in Him (far better than anything we can have without Him).

This morning, I addressed how in Him we are loved children of God, accepted, complete in Him, chosen of Him, and His temple among other things. He chose me. Think about that. I’m not saying this in a way that I am any better than anyone else. He chose you also. The question is, “Have you received it?” Have you chosen to receive His free gift of salvation? The only people who go to hell are the ones who choose to reject the free gift of salvation that comes only through the Lord Jesus Christ.

What Jesus has done for me is far greater than words on a blog could express. When I understood my value in Christ, life was much greater. No wonder George Beverly Shea wrote these words: “I’d rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today.”


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