I normally don’t address subjects like this on my blog, but it’s real! I cannot count how many people I know who struggle with an addiction of some sort whether it be porn or sex-related, alcohol, food, illegal drugs, prescription meds, or whatever the case may be. The thing that concerns me is that most churches either don’t know how to handle those who struggle with addiction or don’t want to handle it because it’s uncomfortable.

A few months ago, God allowed my path to unite with TJ Petri, author of Don’t Label My Kid blog. Since that initial phone conversation, I have begun to partner with his blog to provide a spiritual element to it. TJ became an addict at an early age and overcame through the power of God. He personally experienced the hell of addiction, withdrawals, and all that goes with it. 

I want to share what TJ has posted on his LinkedIn page. Read what he says below:

“Our goal is to make a difference at what we do. Our vision is to set the bar so high that an entirely new standard of care is at least in our daily thoughts. In the mental health and addiction industry it seems at some point, we all just quit demanding answers and started accepting mediocrity. 

“The only numbers that have increased are the cost of the trophies we hand out. Certainly not in the success rates of the problems we have. I guess I just cannot settle. Maybe because that hell took half my life. 

“If someone is not telling me that I am crazy when they find out what my plans are- I am missing something. 

“If I know a way to help even one person overcome the throngs of addiction and mental illness, and sleep well without making a move, -I am a failure.

“My career is not about me wanting people to like me for the way I choose to help others ..If I’ve been through the hell of addiction and I know a way out that’s better, I could care less who agrees.

“I respect education greatly. Especially internships. When it comes time to pull the trigger on a model of treatment I think might help even 1 more person than the last one did- you better believe my mind is not on some pie in the sky manipulated numbers or a text book. 

“My mind is STILL on a hard cold floor of a filthy detox/rehab that I laid my head on and vomited while the ‘experts’ made their rounds to remind me that I was letting my children down telling me I ‘just did not want it bad enough’ (coming from those who have never known more then chapter 8 & 9 in their college texts about withdrawals).

“Right about then is when we ‘slouchers’ scanned the room for sharp objects.

“For those of us who do make it out (mental health or addictions)- We must find every single ingredient that made it possible for us to the make it to that finish line –

“{BTW- wish us luck this summer as we meet with BC/BS -Fl. -They want a closer look at our treatment model….T.J & Team”

If you or someone you know struggles with addiction, click on Don’t Label My Kid and contact TJ. He’s not interested in your money. He wants you to overcome. 

8 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Thanks for sharing. Providing resources that may be discovered by someone struggling with addiction is a worthy effort.

  2. Matthew,

    I wanted to share with you and your and audience a video training that our church put together on the topic of pornography entitled “Let’s Talk About It.” This is a 4 part seminar about how to have the conversation about pornography. It includes statistics and the rise of the porn epidemic, how to have the conversation with our children, what we can do next if we are stuck looking at it and can’t stop, and finally a Q&A. The video may be accessed on YouTube @


  3. Twelve step recovery programs are very spiritual. My church in my home town held recovery meetings. There are some that are strictly Bible based.
    As a person with a severe mood disorder, I must state the importance my religion plays in my maintenance. If I read my Bible and pray daily and go to church, I d well. But, when I pull away from God, my life falls apart. God can and will help people recover from both addictions and mental illness.

    1. I have heard great things about Celebrate Recovery. I don’t know if that is the program you were a part of. A friend of mine runs a recovery home in this area. He said the success rate in Bible-based recovery homes is higher than secular programs, but national statistics won’t tell you that. They don’t even acknowledge Christian programs. Thanks for taking time to comment!

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