Be the Fire! 

Please beware of this elderly man who is starting fires in people’s yards. He is old and dangerous.

Seriously, this is my friend Howard. He and some others came and helped us with some needed work around the house today. As we were working, I took this picture and thought that it could turn into a great blog post.

In life, I have found that there are 3 kinds of people in relation to fire.

  1. There are those who avoid fires. They don’t like conflict or anything that might be contagious positively or negatively. They play it safe and never take a chance. These are those who say, “I won’t get burned if I don’t get near the fire.”
  2. There are those who create fires for others to extinguish. These are the trouble makers. They always like to make a mess for someone else to clean.
  3. The third type is my favorite – those who are the fire. You may ask what I mean by that. These are passionate about their cause and spread like wildfire. They know the proper surroundings that are necessary to be contagious and spread. John Wesley said, “Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” This is what I want for my life and for the group of believers of whom I am privileged to pastor. 

We need more people who will be the fire. Revelation 3 says that God wants those who are hot and on fire for Him. Will you be a fire in your home, workplace, and community?

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