That’s Not My Job!

For those of you who supervise employees, how many times have you heard that? Probably more than you can count. There is an army rising up who wants a paycheck, a position, and the perks that go with it, but they don’t want to do anything to earn it.

I hate to say this, but part of that army that wants to avoid certain responsibility includes pastors. I hate to admit this also, but many of us were taught this in Bible college and seminary. We were taught to be high-level executives who are unapproachable and above certain types of work. This position was even justified with a misuse of Scripture. 

I regret to say that I fell into this mentality for a while. It’s easy to do when the function of the pastor is multi-faceted, and one man can’t do it all. Some churches feel like they hired a pastor, and he should do all the work. Some pastors believe that they are called to strictly be equippers, so they will not jump in and get their hands dirty. However, there are some pastors who understand that they are co-laborers with those whom they pastor and do the work of God together. 

As a church planter, I have been blessed with people who love to serve. I love to jump in and serve with them. Are some of them better at certain acts of service? Absolutely! I have people who are much better at party planning, so I utilize their giftedness. What I have learned is that people respect leadership who will get dirty with the rest of the team. This has been modeled before me by my supervisors at hospice. They do not ask anything that they would not do or have not done themselves. They are quick to do something that may not be “their job” because they love to serve and have a calling to what they do.

“That’s not my job” may be an accurate statement about certain things that come your way, but our response to this clearly shows if we are in it to serve or simply in it for a paycheck with minimal sweat equity. Throw your weight around if you will, but your work ethic will either cause you to gain or lose respect.


4 thoughts on “That’s Not My Job!

  1. Never been a pastor, but have pastor friends. Seems everyone in the congregation has their own idea of what the pastor “should” be doing. God bless you and all who pastors who thoughtfully approach their calling and seek the right balance. Peace!

  2. Luke 17: 7-10
    Numbers 31:23
    Dueteronomy 13:3
    Malachi 3:3
    1 Corinthians 3:13
    Isaiah 1:25,26
    Jeremiah 9:7
    Psalm 66:10-12
    Isaiah 43:1-3

    No need to fret brother, the Lord has It all under control. AMEN

    There is therefore no condemnation for those who remain in Christ Jesus. AMEN

    Have a great day😊

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