How to Respond When the Church Does Grow

I recently posted about how to build a church. I don’t know if some of the readers were looking for the latest formula, but I laid out the truth that the Lord has to build the house. What if He does? What if God really sends you more people? What do you do?

  1. Make sure growth drives any changes. A pastor I worked with a few years ago has lived by this principle. Don’t go to two Sunday morning services because it’s “cool” or go into a building program when your seating capacity is only 1/4 full. Growth must demand the change.
  2. Do a trial run with the change. The same pastor mentioned before told the church, “We will try this for a month. If it doesn’t work, we’ll learn the lesson and move forward.” 
  3. Teach the church through the change. Your body of believers will accept it better when they can see the proof, understand it from Scripture, and know that it is not the agenda of a pastor or committee. This teaching should lead up to the change. Don’t wait and use your preaching to clean up a mess!
  4. Always rely on the Holy Spirit. Prayer and Scripture must guide you in ALL things! People will accept a God-idea before they will anything else.

These truths are fundamental. Most of these I learned from the ministries of others. Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun. If you are a pastor or someone who leads an organization, these things may not perfectly fit your context but it will benefit you to allow the situation to drive the change rather than force an idea on someone just to fluff your résumé.


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