When Your Calling Goes Against the Grain

Many of my readers know that I stepped out in faith to start a church in January. I had no money, no Ministry team, and one or two other families that I knew would potentially join me. I took the leap, knowing that the idea is extremely crazy in a place where churches are almost on every corner.

I also knew that my vision from God would be no easy task. Starting a nondenominational church in denominational territory is either misunderstood or not understood at all. Going after people who are either disillusioned with church as they know it or those who have been ostracized by the traditional church is a huge challenge. And the vision to be multi-ethnic in a rural area that is still very segregated pretty much sounds impossible. I asked God why He would pick me, and I continue to ask God that weekly. It is certainly not because I have this amazing talent to do these things. It is because He wants to do a miracle and use me in the process. This will probably take a long time, but I cannot give up on God’s desire to build something healthy here in our area. I’m not saying that all the other faith communities aren’t healthy, but many aren’t. We need more with this kind of vision.

I would ask you to pray for us. Please pray for God to send us people who are called to lead and serve in worship, student ministry, and children’s ministry. Ask God to send us those who understand addiction and abuse and know how to help people be Overcomers in this area. Join us in asking God to send us people of different ethnicities to be a part of what He is doing here. Ask God to break down the walls that divide so that we may see an unprecedented unity in our midst.

To the blogging community and other readers, I love and appreciate you all. You have encouraged me since I began blogging and have cheered me on to be the best I can possibly be in every area of life. God bless you all. If I can pray for you or assist you in any way, do not hesitate to reach out to me.


12 thoughts on “When Your Calling Goes Against the Grain

  1. Praying for you Brother! It’s an awesome calling, but our Lord is an AWESOME God!!! The needs are great, the laborers are few…..but we are called to obedience not to easy street.

  2. I pray God continues to bless you on your new ministry. I was a pastor years ago when a divorce forced me to the sidelines and almost destroyed me. After a lengthy career as a financial analyst, I retired early, about a year ago, as I felt God calling me to write. I think the book I just finished writing would be of interest to you. It’s called Shipwrecked Lives and in many ways it’s my comeback story mixed in with stories from the Old Testament. I just sent it to the publisher so it will be a while before it is out in print. I loved being a pastor and I hope I will get the result to preach again once my book is published. I also blog as a way to impact people for the Lord.

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