Building Trust

One thing I have learned that is foundational in everything I have done, it is that I must build trust before I can impact change. I can have the latest and greatest information in the world. I can be the most skilled in my profession, but if I do not build trust before I try to impact change then my efforts are wasted.

I have watched many people go into organizations, specifically churches, and try to turn everything upside down overnight. They showed no signs that they cared about the people but made it clear that implementing their agenda was top priority. Some are successful and run everyone off who disagrees, or they are run off by those who disagree.

You may be trying to influence someone right now. It may be a group of people or a few individuals. Remember that they need to see your compassion and care for people before they will buy into your competency.

As a pastor and chaplain, I had to learn this many years ago. Remember you are not trying to build a résumé. You are making a long-term investment that will hopefully lead to transformation in the lives of others. Be patient. Build the bridges. Watch the barriers come down. I promise you it will be well worth the wait.


2 thoughts on “Building Trust

  1. It is amazing how often pastors with good ides (bad ones too) fail not because of their ideas but because of their approach. Trust not only leads to people joining you in your ideas but it also leads to people offering a second chance if they fail. If people trust you they are more likely to view mistakes as an error in judgement not a flaw in character.

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