The Pimped Out Church

I want to say from the beginning that I mean no disrespect or offense by this title. However, there is a sad trend that is alive and well today. Pastors are pimping out churches like they are prostitutes. Sadly, some of what I was taught in seminary could have easily been called “How to Pimp Out Your Church” parts 1, 2, 3, etc. In efforts to put people in seats, we have turned the church into a local hooker. I seriously wonder if church ads won’t start looking like Hardee’s commercials. But I digress.

What should a body of believers look like? It should be made up of people who realize they are sinners, have turned from their sin, are seeking to grow deeper in their faith, and do not weaken the message of Scripture. It should be a safe place where people can find the love of God demonstrated through God’s people and help to find victory in life.

I know the temptation to be the biggest and best thing in town. At this stage of ministry, I choose healthy. If God makes healthy a small or a large number, I will glorify Him either way.

Please resist the temptation to pimp out your worship team, small group ministry, pastor, or any other area to draw people. Be authentic and biblical, and you might be amazed at what God does.


6 thoughts on “The Pimped Out Church

  1. Amen! LOL, our church is definitely not pimped out. I sometimes think of how many thousands of tiny churches there are, not particularly glamorous, unknown and unheard of, but not unknown to God. He has this thriving army of healthy churches, places that will never make the news and perhaps that’s a good thing. It’s rare we ever speak of churches unless they are rocked by some kind of scandal. Good news just doesn’t sell, but I think we can keep it in the back of our minds and know that it is there.

  2. My Woodsman and I started watching Amazon’s “Comrade Detective” series, and I was doubled over with laugher at this line: “Look at that American! She’s dressed like a prostitute!” “She’s a capitalist, isn’t calling her a prostitute redundant?”

    Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not anti-capitalism. But I think the issue you touch on here is that the American obsession with economic success has clouded the Church’s view of her mission. Because her mission is not to achieve all external indicators of economic success!

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