An Unexpected Visitation

Many think of hospice as completely doom and gloom. It can be a very sad thing, but we also encounter laughter and joy with the terminally ill and their families. Today, was somewhat expected yet unexpected. 

I had a visit today that was consumed with talking about Scripture, prayer requests, and how awesome the Lord is. I always end with prayer. As I began to pray, the Spirit of God began to move. I began to pray with power, and things started shifting as I began to wrap up the prayer. I slowed down the pace. I found myself almost speechless. I ended the prayer, and we continued in praise for several minutes. The still small voice of the Holy Spirit said, “Don’t get out of the chair! Be still!” At that moment, a cool breeze came through the back screen door. Then I sensed the prompting of the Holy Spirit to sing. I fought it for a few seconds because my training was one of structure that did not accommodate unplanned moves of the Spirit. Then I began to sing, “There’s a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place”. They joined in with me, and we enjoyed the Lord’s presence.

I could have easily missed out on this sweet time with the Lord had I just gone about my normal routine. Many of us rush through life and jump from appointment to appointment without allowing room for the unexpected. I encourage you to slow down daily and just listen. The Lord will probably do something that will blow your mind. Make room for Him!


5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Visitation

  1. Wonderful my brother! I shared a poem that I was moved to share tonight also, and I actually thought about not sharing it…but the Spirit moved me on! God bless you and your family!

  2. Oh thanks for the reminder. It is so easy to connect all the dots of my plans for the day and in hurrying miss those special moments God has marked on His calendar!

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