Is Your Faith Just a Meme?

Let’s admit it! We all love memes. They’re cute. They’re funny. They’re inspirational. But they can also be annoying. Bottom line – they are just memes. They are not sacred items that will get you into Heaven. If I don’t post it, like it, and share it, I won’t have a heart attack or have gangrene set up in my leg. I won’t have 20 years of bad luck or suffer financial loss. 

For many people, their faith is just a meme. It’s a public display of something that potentially may not be lived out privately or outside Facebook and other social media.  The litmus test of your closeness to God is not how many faith memes you post. Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you spend real time with God in prayer and Bible study? Do you tell others what He has done for you with your voice? Do you serve Him by helping others? That is the true test. Do you pass?


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