Temporary Parting

In this life, I have found myself leaving frequently for one place and moving to another. I also said, “This is not goodbye; it just means I’ll see you later.” This only applies to those of us who know Christ and know for sure we will meet again in His presence.

Today, I went to the visitation of a precious lady who was one of our patients. We had the best visits as we would make much of Jesus each time. When I went to the home just hours before she breathed her last earthly breath, I thought about how much I will miss the visits but how she will be breathing with no difficulty. Today, the family sorrows yet possesses comfort that she is with the Lord. I went through the line and hugged some of the family. One of the daughters said to me, “You know you really made the last few months of her life, right?” I wanted to cry right along with the daughter because I was humbled by what she said. I always feel that I receive the greater blessing and am honored that God would use me to encourage people in their last days. 

In this line of work, we try to not be attached to patients and families but the attachment is inevitable. Then we feel the separation to some degree when the patient passes away. I’m reminded of the last verse of the hymn “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”: “When we asunder part, it brings us inward pain. But we shall still be joined in heart and hope (expect) to meet again.” To the believer who has lost someone close to you who was also a believer, take comfort. You didn’t lose that person. This is only a temporary parting.


6 thoughts on “Temporary Parting

  1. There is no possible way to reach out to someone without that connection. No way to make a ‘job’ out of it and still care. And when it comes to that time of separation, naturally, there is a loss. There is pain. That is why we are here. Thank you for your post. It shows you care.

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