Waging War

This post will be a big strong, so you might want to put your big boy/girl pants on if you’re easily offended. Maybe you are part of a Christian denomination that downplays spiritual warfare, and this will be uncomfortable to you. If you are a true follower of Christ, some things ought to bother you. I’m not about to get political or rant on a particular sin. That is a waste of time. I do want to provoke us all to do what we are supposed to do and fight the good fight of faith.

If you are a Christian, you are a soldier. The Bible says so in 2 Timothy. So why do we “chillax” when all hell is breaking loose around us? We legislate morality to pastors and small group leaders. We let the schools raise our children while we think about ourselves and what we want when they are home, yet we wonder why society is what it has become. We talk about evil and how bad everything is, but we haven’t waged war against the enemy. We know enough Scripture to fill up 30 seconds of time if we are lucky, we pray about as long as a commercial, then we wonder why we don’t have victory over the devil. Are we figuring it out yet? God has given us all the tools we need, yet we are the most biblically illiterate society. Shame on us! Even I need to step up my game! 

Here’s the problem! We are not sick enough of it to really do something about it. If we were, we would be doing it. When people really want to lose weight, they change their eating habits and exercise. When people want financial improvement, they get a better or second job and cut costs. Don’t believe the lie that things won’t get better! We must take some initiative and watch God honor our obedience. God doesn’t work the way we work, so don’t expect it to make sense. Spend enough time in Scripture and you’ll see what I mean.

So, are you sick and tired of the way things are? There is one thing to do – WAGE WAR!

20 thoughts on “Waging War

  1. Dude, that post was a bit harsh and I am offended!. Wont be reading any more of your post’s.

    Like you said, God has given us everything we need. Everything from being a new creation, having been blessed with every spiritual blessing to being part of the biggest family in the world (talk about connections) and not to mention our advocate the Holy Spirit who lives in us. We also have the Word which is alive and active, I mean what more could we ask for.

    Unfortunately many Christians are quite comfy with the way things are and a a mix of rob bellism/only what I see in front of me/its all supernatural/my faith is private/what’s a spiritual gift?/I don’t need church or accountability. All this and more causes people to fall asleep in the light

    I hate the way things are! The way i sometimes make my way back to Egypt, how I feed the old man even though he is dead, I leave the armour of God to get rusty and I can get distracted by things that get in the way of my race. But I am thankful that God is forever waking me up and that I have a desire to grow and move forward and not settle for the things this world has to offer. Thankful that I have others in my life that are awake and thankful for words like yours that throw petrol/gas on the fire that is already burning.

    Keep on rocking the boat man!

  2. This is AWESOME and took the power of the Holy Spirit. Which in and of itself is surprising because we should be able to STAND on God’s Word just out of obedience! We are NOT getting enough teaching on spiritual warfare because it is NOT politically correct and so many say it is hateful, yet, we ARE exhorted to fight EACH AND EVERY day because as you pointed out, we ARE soldiers.

    One of my wife’s and my guilty pleasures is the original TV show, NCIS. The main character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is always saying, once a Marine always a Marine. There are no EX-Marines.

    So it is with a TRUE Christian. You sign up to be a FOLLOWER of Christ, a Disciple of Christ, you take orders from Christ through the Holy Spirit. There is no EX, you adopt a lifestyle and you live it until the natural body gives way!!!

    My grandson is a Military Policeman in the Army. He works 12 -18 hours, sometimes more a day, because his command tells him that he is needed. He doesn’t question even though he gets weary and tired at times, but he obeys. He has been getting commendations and awards every time he turns around almost, why, because he entered into that lifestyle (just as he did Christianity) knowing full well he would be following the orders of someone else.

    He is fond of telling his grandma and I that he didn’t do it to be a weekend warrior (not denigrating those who chose to serve part-time) but for the analogy, he chose to go into it full time just as he did when he accepted Jesus Christ!

    We have too many weekend “Christian” warriors in the Church and they will never have a person’s back because they are too interested in getting their obligation out of the way so they can get back to “real” life!

    Christ Jesus wants and CALLS those who are willing to GIVE up their “real” lives to follow Him for the rest of their lives!

    This is a GREAT and much needed message. Thank you for it. Gonna have to reblog it myself!! Thanks to brother Bruce R. Mills for posting this. Great, great post!! God bless you richly Pastor Matthews!!

  3. We all need to step it up and not only know God’s good word, but to start doing something to stop the evil. For instance, Pastor Matt Trewhella of Milwaukee doesn’t just preach against abortion, he and some of his congregation get out there and rally in front of the death camps in his area. Over the years, Pastor Matt has succeeded in shutting down six of the eight abortion clinics. They also visit other states as well.

    If we don’t stand up for Christ, we will soon end up like Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Looking forward to your part two.

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