My One Regret

I just read a post about Little Richard. He stated that the one thing, at age 84, he wishes he could go back and do was preach. Many people reach their senior years with regrets such as this. I heard a man give a testimony in a worship service years ago, saying he dropped out of Bible college and never fulfilled God’s call on his life. He was in his senior years and admonished those present to obey God or they would end up miserable like he did.

I want to make an appeal to those who read this. Don’t hit your final years with regrets. I’m not talking about going sky diving, Rocky Mountain climbing, and whatever else the song says. I’m talking about doing something to make your life count. Not all of us are preachers. We all can, however, make a worthwhile contribution to society and God’s kingdom work. 

Shake off the excuses, stop procrastinating, block out the critics, and do God’s will for your life. You’ll be glad you did. I can testify to it!


10 thoughts on “My One Regret

  1. A chaplain at the camp I worked at this summer used Live Like You Were Dying to illustrate how we should live now. Obviously not the crazy stunts, but loving deeper, speaking sweeter, and giving forgiveness you’d been denying. Totally impacted me in ways I can’t even describe, so I’m very grateful to you for referencing the song. 🙂

  2. This is great encouragement. I often tell myself this as I wrestle with spending time in scripture vs. working out. Eventually, my body will deteriorate, but those words of God are beneficial for all of eternity!

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