Wishing You Were Someone Else

Have you ever been dissatisfied with yourself? Maybe you wished you were someone else? You may have wished to have more money, look different, be more popular, etc. I have been there. It took me many years to accept who God designed me to be.

In ministry, there is the temptation to be the new school textbook guitarist with the super high voice (probably due in part to the painted-on skinny jeans) with hair that looks like a llama. I have accepted that God doesn’t want me to be that. I have had church leaders tell me I wasn’t good enough or what they were looking for. At first, it bothered me. Over the years, I began to understand that my gifting and skill set is designed to minister to some but not everyone.

For years, I wondered why I have a background full of traditional and older gospel music yet a great passion for the worship music of today. Why could I not grasp the guitar and be able to play the piano instead? God did not want to limit my span to strictly one generation. I love some of the older preachers yet appreciate some of the ones today also. I realized today that this diversity allows me to sit in the homes of terminally ill patient and sing and play the old songs of the faith while telling them about great messages from songs of today that bring them hope in their last days. 

You may wonder why you are wired the way you are. It is no accident; it is for God’s greater purpose. My word to you: Embrace it!


6 thoughts on “Wishing You Were Someone Else

  1. Thank you so much for your spiritual encouragement, and you are right. I should embrace and appreciate how God has wired me to use my gifts in order to reach others. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I am who God intended me to be
    Satan tries to convince me otherwise and sin pulls me away but I cannot deny who I am, I can make it fade through sin and willingness to believe lies but it is always there and I can at anytime be who God intended me to be if I am willing to accept that God doesn’t make mistakes. Great post

  3. There was a time I used to wish I was “all white” so I could fit in with the rest of my class. It is pretty tough for a kid to be the only bi-racial. It was years later before I learned that God created me the way he wanted me to be. It was something I could not accept and even told God that he made a mistake. Then scripture told me that God never makes mistakes. It took a while for me to accept that fact. Now I focus on using the spiritual gifts that God gave me. It is a slow going process but I am working on it. Thanks for reminding me that I am a part of God’s greater purpose.

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