Memory Lane

How many of you walked down memory lane today? You got together with family and friends and reminisced about memories from years ago, some of which you had forgotten until someone reminded you? I did. However, it was a little different.

My kids are here for Thanksgiving. They brought my freshman college yearbook, some notes of appreciation from a church I served over 14 years ago, and my high school graduation program. Several things came to mind. Where are many of these people now? Some of them went on to be successful in the world’s eyes. Some have passed away at a young age. Some of these walked away from God’s will, while others tried to fulfill a calling God Never placed on their lives. Each of us has a story.

My classmates in Christian school and Bible college probably never thought I would get married. I think some of my friends drove 5 hours to the wedding just to see if it was really happening. I’m sure that some never imagined that I would be remarried and be expecting a 5th child biologically.

Maybe you are looking back over your life, wishing you had made a few different turns and decisions. You may fail that there is no hope for you. Your actions have consequences, but your story doesn’t have to have a hopeless ending.

I heard a great illustration about a GPS. You and I make wrong turns in life. God, Like a GPS, knows exactly where we are and can redirect us. If you have made some wrong turns, cry out to Jesus right now and ask Him to put you on the right path for the rest of your life. Then you can walk down memory lane with the sweet assurance that the God of Heaven has forgiven you and has set you on the right path for His greater glory.


9 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Love the analogy of the GPS. The fact that our Lord knows exactly where we are, has always been there waiting for us to call out to Him. He is a gentleman not a pushover to want a personal relationship with each of us, whereever we find ourselves. It’s a conscience choice we make everyday of our lives.
    The day man gave for the celebration of family and friends but also, there’s a spiritual connection we all need like a warm embrace. Everyday should be thanks-giving. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family, richly this holiday season.

  2. Many times our wrong turns turn into great learning experiences that make us better Witnesses for God. We should never let a mistake or downfall stop us from serving the one who saved us. Take that opportunity to improve and allow God to start your life up again from this point. I guarantee you if you give him the reins of your life he will bring about a great result. Just put your life in his hands. Thanks for the reminder Matthew

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