Black Friday

While many of you were doing this…

I decided to spend my day a little differently. My wife and I both despise shopping, and neither of us will wait in lines for things we can’t afford in order to save money (especially when we could be asleep😀).

Today was altogether different for me. This morning, I was honored to preach a funeral for a man who witnessed for Christ until the very end. This is the second time this month that I have had that privilege. Both men walked with God and left a huge void this Thanksgiving. While the families would not bring them back in order to suffer with sickness, they are grieving the passing of two great men who were probably little known outside our area but most definitely known by God.

Today may have lit your fire because you got 75 percent off a TV, but what lit my fire was another chance to share Jesus Christ with people. When you have been changed by His power, you want to tell it. These men I mentioned here were not pastors or trained in a Bible college or seminary. They were born again and had the Holy Spirit within them. None of us needs special training to tell what Jesus has done in dying for the sins of the world.

Maybe on this Black Friday, you took a chance to tell someone about Jesus while you waited 15 hours for a store to open. That’s awesome! I think this song communicates what’s on my heart. Let it speak for itself.


4 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of those men, but they are surely with the Lord right now in a place where freedom never ends! I also love that song so much, and I agree with you! I’d rather have my fire lit by telling someone of Jesus than going Black Friday shopping. It’s somewhat sad to see people spend hours Black Friday shopping, but they won’t spend an hour at church to hear the gospel that has the power to save them.

    It’s truly heartbreaking, but I most certainly agree with your post! God bless! 🙂

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