Just Show Up!

I am someone who likes to have a game plan, especially when it comes to our worship services. I have primarily served churches where I had to submit information to musicians early in the week and have an order of worship to a secretary by Thursday. Not anymore! Overcomers does not function like that. While I plan ahead, pray, and study, things can change if God says otherwise.

This week, I had a song set planned along with a message. I was getting ready to send the song set to the young lady who assists me with the music, and God would not let me do it. I knew this time to not put up a fight. I asked God about the message. God spoke within my spirit and said, “Just show up, and I will show you what to do.” So that’s what I did.

We arrived at 10:00 am to set up for our 11:00 service. I was going through the laptop and came across a song. God confirmed that is how we needed to start. Then, I knew that I needed to share what God was teaching me about the need to pray more and depend on Him. We spent time thanking God for a few different things, prayed, share what God is teaching us, and then I spoke from the book of Acts.

God reminded me how the church in the book of Acts was not scripted. They didn’t have bulletins, worship orders, light shows, song sets, and all the other things to which we feel bound. They lived in authentic community and saw the power of God Before their very eyes. May we be flexible and attentive enough to know what God is saying and do it without hesitation.


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