God At Work Around Me

How many of you went back to work today with the expectation that everyone at your job was going to be down because Thanksgiving is over? Well I did. I was expecting a humdrum day. I got a lot better than what I expected.

Today, I got to hear a few different stories about how God is working in the lives of those in the building where I work. All of these stories have to do with people giving their life to Christ over the weekend. Isn’t God awesome? I was able to rejoice with some people today who have hope.

Did you see God at work around you today? If so, please share in the comments below. We have enough negativity, so let’s light up the Internet with stories of God’s life-changing power!


7 thoughts on “God At Work Around Me

  1. Today did start a slow day, but it quickly became better due to hearing a young girl’s testimony of how she gave her life to Christ last night! It was amazing and miraculous! 🙂

  2. That’s great news man. Most mornings I am an early riser (5am ish) so I get to witness the night turn into the day and everything that comes with that. God speaks quite loudly in nature I reckon. We just got to slow down and shut up so we can take it all in. Peace 2 you Matt and thanks for posting.

  3. I am glad that you were able to be blessed with such light today. Just think if even one Soul per day in our own area could see the Light of God each day while at the same time one less person not fall away from it. I am going to reblog this article for you.

  4. Wonderful! God at work today? Hmm. He gave me a poem to share today, gave me a good deal on bananas and I’ve been baking bread and muffins all morning. Gave me strength to do some yard work while the banana stuff was baking. He’s so wonderful to us!

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