I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

God did not design for you to walk alone. As difficult as people can be, we need them in order to grow as people. I needed them to grow as a blogger. Had it not been for people like Vincent Artale who reblogged many of my posts in the early days, I probably would not have had any followers.

Dear blogger, there are so many other great writers here. Reblog their posts. Your audience could be blessed from their writing. I reblogged 3 writers’ posts tonight. These writers have encouraged me, and I wanted to return the favor. Plus, I thought it was good stuff.

Proverbs says that in order to have friends, we must show ourselves friendly. The same applies in the blogging community. Enjoy the camaraderie and be a blessing at the same time. I dare you. Then sit back and see what happens. God bless you all!


14 thoughts on “I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

  1. So one just presses the Reblog button and it appears in your post and you can then write an intro? Im keen to do it but always forget. Good reminder Matt

  2. You are so right! We were never meant to travel this journey alone!

    (also, my dog stepped on my computer and deleted the comment you made on my post about God’s Will. . . sorry about that, but thanks for your kind words and encouragement!)

  3. Interesting. I never looked at reblogging that way, to be honest. But it is a great idea, and I will watch for posts that I can reblog. Thanks!

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