I Was Adopted: Here’s My Story

This young lady’s story is a story of triumph. She did not view herself negatively because of how her life began. God set her apart for a special purpose. Please take time to read this inspiring story.

Justified And Redeemed

I’m letting you into another part of my life that defined who I am, and this one isn’t down or gloomy, but some may think the beginning part is, but I have come to terms with my past, and I want to share it.

God blessed me with loving parents, and even if they weren’t my biological parents, they loved me as their own daughter, and I want to share the wonderful joys of adoption or in my case, becoming the daughter of my biological grandparents who are the most wonderful parents I could have ever asked for!

My “adoption” story is different, as I stated above, for I was adopted/legally raised within my own family, but they still loved me as a daughter. God blessed me with loving grandparents who then legally became my mom and dad at age 3, so I still saw my family growing up, but…

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One thought on “I Was Adopted: Here’s My Story

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story, Matthew! I pray that anyone who is dealing with feelings of self-image or insecurities find hope through Christ, so I thank you for spreading my story! I pray that God will use to to bring hope and truth to others!

    God bless you! 🙂

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