What Will You Do with 2017?

As we look back over this year, we have many responses. Some of you would like to pretend this year never happened or perhaps want a Do-over. Others of you had a great year and hate to see it go. Despite some major transition this year, I understand that God is at work. I would not have chosen the circumstances behind some of the changes, but God has use unfortunate things to propel us into greater things. He is all about developing our character.

Some of you may do like I did at one point in my life and try to erase certain parts by getting rid of any reminders. Before you do, try to discern the lessons from this year.

  • What did you do wrong this year?
  • What could you have done better this year?
  • What should you have done that you didn’t do?
  • What risk did you not take that you should have taken?
  • What did you do well this year?

Be truthful with yourself. If you cannot be truthful with yourself, find that friend who will tell you like it is. If you don’t have that, I would recommend a counselor. A counselor had me pegged within the first 5 minutes, and it helped spare me from repeating some destructive patterns in my life.

Look at 2017 with an honest eye and a teachable spirit. Otherwise, you will move forward into the future with the idea that you do nothing wrong and everyone else is at fault. Sometimes, the first person we must deliver the truth to is self. Be honest enough to do that and find out how liberating it really is.


4 thoughts on “What Will You Do with 2017?

  1. Once again thanks for the inspirational blog post, Matthew. This really touched me and I like that you asked thse questions.

    One of the things that I liked in this post was when you said, “Sometimes, the first person we must deliver the truth to is self. Be honest enough to do that and find out how liberating it really is.”

    Sometimes, even we as Christians aren’t honest with ourselves. This 2018 year though, I plan on being more honest with myself and take the risks that I should have done this 2017 year.

  2. Thank you brother Matthew. This is beautiful, full of wisdom and Truth. The Holy Scriptures tell us to examine ourselves. Seems like a good time!! Bless you and yours 🙂

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