Ghethsemane Is Not A Place, It’s A Thing

Many of us take a surface look at Gethsemane. This takes us beneath the surface. It will be worth your time to read this.

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Ghethsemane is an olive press, not a garden or actual geographical location. It’s true meaning unlocks so many truths about what our Savior went through that it is a story that must be retold until it’s true biblical meaning replaces the one we have accepted for years. That there is a Garden of Ghethsemane somewhere is a misconception.

When I was a little girl I used to love the painting of Jesus in the Garden of Ghethsemane praying over the rock preparing for being the ultimate atonement and sacrifice for all mankind. In fact it’s an image I often thought of during my own trials in life just knowing that my Savior faced far worse on my behalf and that if anyone could understand my minor earthly sufferings, he could. This mental picture has gotten me through every situation that I was afraid to face and mentally it was tied…

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