Billy Graham’s Reward

Many of you are probably aware that Billy Graham passed away this morning. He was a very prominent American evangelist of the 20th century. Only Heaven knows the number of people impacted for eternity because Billy Graham faithfully proclaimed the gospel. More importantly, he lived the gospel.

I grieve today because that generation of preachers is almost gone. I’m not saying that they are dead. I’m saying that this current generation is full of those who prostitute the gospel for selfish reasons and live a lifestyle that is extremely questionable. No one can live a life of sinless perfection, but we can at least aim to be like Jesus. Some of the top preachers in this country now are popular because they are blatantly disrespectful and have little to no regard for personal holiness. Amidst a generation of narcissistic preachers who are quite scandalous financially as well as in other areas, Billy Graham lived a life of personal integrity. I know people today who will not darken the doors of an institutional church or watch any preacher but Billy Graham. He was a man who was well-respected.

May this be a call for believers today to rise up and share the truth that only Jesus saves. We must stop delegating this to preachers in hopes that they actually will teach how to be right with God. People may disagree with what I am about to say here, but we are in a post-Christian society. It was once popular to at least play the Christian game. Not now! Eternity hangs in the balance. What will you and I do for Jesus?


14 thoughts on “Billy Graham’s Reward

  1. Yes, another giant for Christ’s cause has ran this race and finished his course. To God be the glory for Billy Graham’s contribution while on earth and for generations to come.

  2. Mike, I am with you.
    As a Catholic I’ve seen the negative impact on my faith through the infiltration of the world order on our church, Christ’s Mystical Body. The poison of politics has spread rapidly, emboldening clergy, religious and laity alike to take a cafeteria approach to church doctrine and practice. And too often there among too many is the audacity to think that they can spin the word of Christ Jesus Himself to steer the church in the direction they, fallible men and women, believe it should go.
    I’m glad you, as myself, and many more are standing up to such attempts to undermine the Christian faith. A major push-back is required, and for those who are perpetrators of such, need our prayers for their re-enlightenment that Christ is the only WAY-TRUTH AND LIFE.

    Reverend Billy Graham was a major asset to the Christian Faith. I’ve listened to his sermons often while growing up. Although Catholic I felt he was one of the truest servants of Christ in the spreading the Gospel throughout the world. I believe especially in this age that inspiring converts to Christ is a miracle in itself. And if Billy were Catholic he would be canonized a saint. But, to be in Heaven does just that. For only saints are there. And my faith confirms to me that Billy was there, the instant he closed his eyes to this world.

  3. Absolutely and I totally agree with you, love the boldness! If we desire any change we must return to the pureness of the Word and submerge ourselves in it so we can be the city on a hill we were called to be!

  4. Dr. Ravi Zacharias of RZIM recounted a story where a journalist asked Dr. Graham why of all the preachers – some of whom were quiet eloquent than Dr Graham, Dr Graham was chosen as the evangelist of the world. At this, Dr. Graham with his shy retiring smile answered, ‘When I get to heaven, that’ll be my first question.’ I believe God will raise up His own to stand in the gap left by Dr. Graham. Blessings.

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